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An all-inclusive formula for the little ones: DAY CARE + SKI LESSONS

In Oz-en-Oisans, children are well looked-after. When the
sun is shining and kids are eager to learn, the ESF instructors
will take them out on the slopes and show them the
ropes. When it gets too cold for them or if they get too tired,
they can play with the other children at day-care. The all-inclusive
formula makes sure that children’s needs are catered
for so that parents can be content in the knowledge that
they will be supervised in a happy environment.
Open to children from 3 years.
Priced from 223 € for 6 half days, 312 € for 6 full days
> Nursery - 04 76 80 75 06 - nursery@oz-en-oisans.com